Suffering from Celebrity Engagement Ring Envy? Verragio Has Your Fix

We have all at one point or another suffered from a case of celebrity envy, guilty of coveting that which we cannot have; especially when it comes to diamonds. Unfortunately, unlike celebrities, we often have to remain a little more grounded in reality.

However, when it comes to an engagement ring, nobody should have to compromise their dreams, so here are three ways you can rock your diamonds like the stars.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt
Ten years ago there was no more admired celebrity couple than Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and in 1999 Aniston debuted her unique engagement ring while onstage at a Sting Concert in New York City. The engagement ring, which was designed by Pitt himself, whom has always had an interest in architecture and design, features 20 diamonds set in white gold and reportedly cost around $500,000. The elaborate swirling and layering in this engagement ring isn’t for everyone, but the design is definitely unique and interestingly creative.

For a similar, but less ornate look, check out the Couture 0390 engagement ring from Verragio. Also featuring a Round cut center diamond, this ring has pave’ set diamonds on the band that, rather than the tactile layers that build to a point that are featured on Aniston’s, this engagement ring creates a softer look with a halo of Round cut diamonds meant to embody the same circular symbol of eternal love.

Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker
Eva Longoria Parker is best known as one of America’s favorite Desperate Housewives, but in November of 2006, she also became a high profile WAG to The San Antonio Spur’s Point Guard, Tony Parker. Parker, perhaps inspired by his fiancé’s well-known fashion sense, presented Longoria with an elegant 5 carat, Emerald cut diamond engagement ring. Although the white gold band is unadorned, the center diamond is flanked by two smaller side diamonds.

The Emerald cut is a sophisticated diamond cut that Verragio incorporates into the design of the Paradiso 3007E, which features an Emerald cut center diamond with two smaller Emerald cut side diamonds, much like Longoria Parker’s engagement ring. However, because this ring is from Verragio’s Paradiso collection, it has the added benefit of the scrolling design inside the band, complete with seven diamond bezels, which help to keep it in place on your finger.

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom
After dating only two months, reality star Khloé Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom decided to tie the knot in September of 2009. Due to the rush down the altar, Kardashian almost received a wedding ring before her engagement ring, but the outcome was certainly worth the wait. The LA Laker’s Forward presented Kardashian with a stunning 9 carat, Radiant cut diamond on a pave’ set platinum band, reportedly worth $85,000.

The Insignia 7005, much like Kardashian’s engagement ring, features a pave’ set band and can accommodate a square cut center diamond. Since all of Verragio’s rings are custom ordered, the 7005 can be made to fit a Princess cut center diamond, or if you really want to stick with the Kardashian look, a Radiant cut diamond as well. It also features a halo of Round cut diamonds, which creates the illusion of a larger center stone, since we can’t all have a 9 carat diamond.

So no matter who your favorite celebrity is, or what style suits you best, always shoot for the stars and remember there where there is a will there is a way.

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