Celebrity Envy: The Wedding Ring Edition

Last week we took a look at some of the more infamous engagement rings in Hollywood, and paired them up with a bit more obtainable options, courtesy of Verragio. However, wedding bands are not to be overlooked, so today we take a look at how you can get the same look as some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

In 2005 Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck surprised everyone when they quietly slipped off to the Caribbean Island of Turks and Caicos and exchanged wedding rings after a year of dating. Unlike many celebrity couples, this one, still wear their bands happily after five years and two daughters. And although there are more photos than details available about Garner’s ring, it is embellished with Round cut diamonds that encircled the entire band. It not only seems to suit Garner’s lifestyle, working as either a great enhancement to her red carpet wardrobe or the only accessory needed to brighten up her more casual everyday style, but it is a great example of how it doesn’t necessarily match her more simple engagement ring, but still seems to fit together .

The Eterna 4011S from Verragio features a total diamond weight of 2.3 carat, pave’ set with channels set diamonds used to separate the Round cut diamonds. Available in Platinum, gold, or palladium, it is the perfect way to emulate Garner’s low key celebrity style.

Katie Holmes, try though she might, has been unable to remain low-key much since she married the ultimate movie star, Tom Cruise, in a highly anticipated wedding in an Italian castle. Just like everything else about this couple, her engagement ring had already become famous by that time. Cruise presented Holmes with a 5 carat, Oval shaped, Edwardian set diamond engagement ring worth over $1million in 2005, and the two later exchanged wedding rings in November of 2006.

Holmes’s custom made engagement ring was much more simplistic, but equally artistic. The wedding band has channel set diamonds, set into a white gold band. If Holmes’s wedding ring speaks to your style, look no further that Verragio’s Eterna 0279PW, available in white gold, just like Holmes’s, this ring also features Princess cut channel set diamonds, which places them around the band, continuously without spaces or individual prongs.

If one thing is clear it’s that celebrities wear their rings the same way everyone does, on the third finger of their left hand. But if you want to look like the stars, there is always a way a reasonable way to indulge yourself. Because if an engagement ring is an official announcement of sorts, the wedding ring is the symbol of a lifelong commitment, and the love you have for it should last just as long.

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