The Couture Collection: High Fashion for the Real World

The word couture is a French term that refers to the creation of high fashion, made to order designs, and has always been closely associated to fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, and London. However, in today’s modern world the term ‘couture’ is synonymous with high end, custom-made, hand-executed fashion.

Often times, people also associate the word embellished with the idea of couture, but that is usually confusion over “Avant Garde,” couture designs can often be sleek, uncomplicated, and classic.

The Couture collection from Verragio is the embodiment of that idea, and although every ring ordered from Verragio is hand crafted and custom made, this collection incorporates clean lines and subtle elegance.

The Couture 0378 features a split shank with pave’ set Round cut diamonds that continue up inside of the four prongs. The prongs are, after all, what makes this engagement ring interesting and different; they almost seem to fold over at the top, securing a square diamond center that is ideal for a Princess or Asscher cut.  The 0378 design is simplistic yet inspiring, displaying craftsmanship rather manufacturing.

To further ensure that this collection’s designs are unique, every ring in the collection features the Lumino setting, which was designed to expose 75% more of a diamond to the light, and creates a more brilliant sparkle.

The Couture 0382R features a Round cut diamond center, set into four prongs incorporating the Lumino setting so that all angles of the diamond are showing. The Round cut diamond center sits atop a double pave’ set shank, and features a delicate scroll design and diamond bezel set into the signature Verragio crest under the band. It is a clean yet fancier version of a simple solitaire; updating the classic style to create a vintage inspired modern look that retains everything that makes this engagement ring a Verragio design.

Engagement rings,  like all fashion, speaks to a person’s personal tastes, and must appeal to the one who will wear it, after all it will be showcased on her hand for a lifetime. Couture pairs best with couture, so think of the classic, enduring designs from Chanel and Gucci. Verragio’s Couture collection offers engagement rings for high fashion minded customers who like things stream lined, don’t necessarily sit in the front row at fashion week, but kind of wishes they did.

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