Mix and Match to Suit Your Engagement Ring Style

Singer and actress, Mandy Moore was married before most people knew she was engaged to singer Ryan Adams in 2009; it was almost one month to the day that the couple exchanged wedding rings after announcing they were engaged. For that reason, Moore’s interestingly unique diamond ring doubles as both and engagement and wedding ring. The ring, features three separate pave’ set shanks and a Round cut diamond placed on the center shank. It could be seen as an interesting representation of the past, present, and future but it also resembles the look you get when a custom engagement ring is designed to have a matching wedding band sit flush against one another. Either way, it is unique combo that nobody else in Hollywood seems to have.

Interestingly, Moore’s engagement ring reminds me of Verragio’s Classico 0355. This diamond engagement ring features a shank that is solid at the bottom but split into three joint prong pave’ set parts at the top, the middle of which holds a Round cut diamond center.

Modern women have slowly been shedding certain wedding traditions in an attempt to personalize the entire marriage process to match their personalities, starting with the engagement ring. More and more, couples are looking for something unique; either by combining existing design elements or going in a different directional altogether.

Split shanks and twisted shanks are both good ways to add artistic detail to an engagement ring, but for those who can’t seem to decide which they like best, mixing the two is a good way to create an eye-catching design. The Couture 0374 displays an interesting design concept by first splitting the pave’ set shank and crossing over the two parts once before they flow upward to create the fours prongs that hold a Round cut diamond center. The only other adornment needed is the signature Verragio crown placed under the band.

Most engagement rings showcase the center diamond, which is generally the star of the show, but sometimes the metal it is set into can become part of the design too. The engagement rings in the Paradiso collection can all be considered unique due to the scrolling design inside all of the bands, but the 3060R has a little extra flair. This ring features smaller Round cut diamonds bracketed into the shank with metal lips raised up on either side, much like a combo between pave’ set and channel. The Round cut center diamond is set into four prongs that, rather than remain unobtrusive, rise above and flatten at the top to become part of the design.
The Classico 0282 is another example of how the metal, which in this case can bend and appear almost liquid as it becomes part of the unusual design. This ring is a new take on the traditional three stone engagement rings, and features two smaller Round cut stones flanking a larger Round center, each with their own set of prong. However, just below each side stone, the pave set shank splits around the diamond and continues closely around. The effect, which can best be described as the way water flows around an outcropping rock in a stream, is fluid.

So whether you are looking for something you haven’t seen before, or you just can’t seem to decide which design elements suit you best, maybe you don’t have to decide. Sometimes, you can mix and match to find a way to have it all.

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