A Verragio Engagement Story: Lucky in Life, Lucky in Love

Sometimes, some wins are just chalked up to luck. Or at least that’s what Bailey Grose, who recently married Andrew Grose, believed when she won her engagement ring in a Verragio Facebook contest this past summer.


 Grose, who entered the contest because she liked the designs from Verragio, won a Venetian 5007CU in a random drawing. And even though it might be a less conventional way to receive an engagement ring, Grose insists she couldn’t be happier.

“To have a Verragio ring is a dream come true,” said Grose, who only has one store that carries Verragio near her in British Colombia. “I love my ring, it fits so comfortably. My favorite thing about this ring is how antique and ‘vintage’ it looks.”

But even as pretty as the engagement ring was when she got it, it couldn’t upstage the wedding; about 100 friends and family attended the small ceremony in Vancouver, Canada on July 24, three and a half years from when they first got together, almost to the day.
“It was probably one of the hottest days of the year,” Grose said. “We really wanted to incorporate nature into the wedding so we used a lot of glass to show the greenery of the campus grounds. The girls wore green and the boys wore tuxes with brown vests.”

 Pretty romantic when you consider that nature played a big part in their engagement as well.

 “Andrew proposed in the hometown I grew up in as a child, and while I was showering he drove up to a waterfall I used to hang out at to hide the ring, champagne glasses and a bottle of champagne there,” Grose said. “We went for a walk, and he proposed on top of a huge rock at the bottom of the waterfall.”

 And the Verragio ring couldn’t have arrived at a more opportune time, said Grose; it arrived just two weeks before the wedding.

Grose admitted that this may not have been her first win, she had previously won an Alaska cruise, but winning a Verragio ring is something that will last a lifetime.

 “The side detail on my ring is absolutely gorgeous and I get so many compliments on it,” Grose said. “I think any girl that gets to wear this is so lucky.”

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