Prince William and Kate Middleton Set the Date: April 29th

Better check those betting slips, because the date and venue have both been set for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The current most popular couple in the world has chosen exchange wedding rings on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey, according to Princes William and Harry’s Private Secretary, Jamie Lowther Pinkerton, who spoke to reporters at St. James Palace earlier this morning.

These announcements are not considered huge revelations after pictures surfaced of Middleton touring the Abbey after hours, and reports went public that the Prince had put in a request for time off from his military duties for that week. However, Pinkerton told reporters that the couple is very much involved in the planning of the day, and has strong opinions on the arrangements.

The couple reportedly chose Westminster for its beauty, 1,000 year history, and intimacy despite its size, according to Pinkerton.

Although both Prince William and Middleton do not want too ostentatious of a display due to the tough financial circumstances the country has been facing, the wedding is expected to cost up to $40 million dollars. All of the expenses except security will reportedly be divided between Prince Charles and Middleton’s family. However, security could cost around $20 million on its own, which will be paid for by the taxpayers.

The wedding gown is being estimated to cost as much as $200,000, but although a designer has yet to be announced, it is rumored that it will look nothing like the gown Diana wore when she married Prince Charles in 1981.

While millions of viewers are sure to watch on their television, over a thousands of guests are expected to be in attendance on April 29th, including various European royalty and celebrities like Phil Collins and Elton John.

The date was chosen by the couple, according to Pinkerton, because they wanted a classic British occasion with good spring weather, and other couples, who had chosen that day for their own wedding, probably for the same reasons, are not happy.

Reportedly British brides who had planned far in advance, those without the power of the royal family behind them to plan a wedding in just 6 months, to wed on April 29th, are afraid that Middleton will steal the focus that day. However, when William’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1997 they included 50 couples in the celebration that had married on that same day. So 50 years down the road, that’s something for them to look forward to.

Although, Westminster Abbey is where his grandparents were married on 1947, it also hold special meaning for William as the location where his mother’s funeral was held 13 years ago.

So far, William has not shied away from including the memory of his mother in the festivities, making it clear he intends to keep her memory alive by proposing to Middleton with his mother’s engagement ring.
Although it was meant as a sentimental gesture, it has created quite the commercial uproar with thousands of women worldwide clamoring for a sapphire ring of their own. Although it was the first trend the couple had started, it won’t be the last in the coming months of wedding planning.

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