Harry Potter and Twilight, Keeping their fans Happy

Perhaps it was inevitable that the two major tween franchises, Harry Potter and Twilight, united in some kind of weird way.  However when it comes to matrimony, one has more of a theme wedding in mind, though it seems as if the real thing is in the works for two of the stars, one from each movie actually.

Bonnie Wright, who has been featured as the title character’s love interest in all but the first Harry Potter movies, has recently been said to be engaged to boyfriend Jamie Campbell Bower, who happens to have a minor role in the Twilight movies.

The young couple met on the set of Harry Potter when Bower was also playing the role of Gellart Grindlewald in the last Harry Potter movie, which recently finished filming.

A source on set spoke to the website The Daily expressed shock that the two, both in their early 20’s, were planning on exchanging wedding rings

“They met on the set of the movie and Jamie fell for Bonnie really badly,” The source said.  He says they are completely in love. It all seems very whirlwind, but they both say it’s the real deal.”

Although the couple has reluctantly confirmed their plans to marry, it seems they aren’t likely to share any details anytime soon. 

“I am engaged. I’m very happy. It’s a wonderful, wonderful time,” Bower told The Daily.  “We are [planning the wedding] but I won’t say when and I won’t say where or how.”

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