Engagement Rings Make The Best Holiday Gifts

September of 2010 was the strongest September for Verragio in the history of the company, special orders were up 42%. This could be due to the supposed recession abatement, or it could just be the time of year. Or I guess I should say, that time of year.

When I began working at Verragio I was told that the workload will begin to ratchet up the closer we get to the holidays, as I am starting to see for myself. Admittedly my statistics are a bit dated (2005), but according to a poll conducted by the publishers of Modern Bride, more than one in four men will propose over the holidays.

The logic behind it is solid; it’s a joyous season, love is in the air, and conveniently the family is already gathered for the perfect announcement. The opportunity for surprise is higher on Christmas too, as opposed to an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.


No need to worry about finding her a gift she will like when there is a diamond engagement ring under the tree too. Although placement of the ring is one of the many queries that come with a holiday proposal; to put it under the tree or not, Christmas Eve or Christmas day, in front of the family, or should I just hold out until New Years Eve? The questions are endless and really come down to a matter of preference, although public proposals have already made our list of don’ts.

Whatever way in which you choose to propose, this special time of year will be made even more special, and year after year, Verragio could not be happier to help.

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