A Verragio Engagement Story: The Perfect Fit

Searching for an engagement ring can’t be done in half measures, for a piece of jewelry that will be with you for a lifetime it should feel like it was made for you.  That was the problem for Susy Cantor, who went all across Houston, Texas looking for the perfect engagement ring.

Finding no luck inside any of the stores that had visited before, it wasn’t until she and her fiancé, Fernando Hernandez, almost drove past Minh Jewelers that something finally caught Cantor’s eye.

“Their marquee had such a gorgeous picture of a Verragio ring. So we decided to pull over and go inside not having any idea that my dream ring was waiting for me,” Cantor said.  “The rings were the most beautiful rings I have ever seen in my life.”

But it was the Classico 0265 from Verragio that ended up being a perfect fit.  

“As soon as it was on my finger I knew it was the one and so did my fiancé,” Cantor said.  “He said he saw in my eyes that it was perfect.”

Cantor and Hernandez first met while they were freshmen at Stephen F Austin State University but both being involved with other people, they continued on as just friends.  But three years later, as is so often the case, their friendship turned into something more.

“We happened to both be single and hanging out like always, when one day we noticed that we had feelings for each other,” Cantor said.

Three more years down the road and Hernandez and Cantor found themselves looking at engagement rings, but even after Cantor fell in love with the Classico 0265, Hernandez still had not proposed.

“I was very anxious to get to see my ring on my finger and to actually be engaged,” Cantor said.  “But my fiancé waited half a year to propose after finding my dream ring, so by then I had giving up on the idea of him proposing.”

But it seemed that Hernandez actually had everything planned out for their 3rd anniversary, and while the couple was about to share a meal at their favorite restaurant, a Mariachi band approached the table.“Our nationality is Mexican and in Mexico it is tradition for men to hire a Mariachi or TRIO to serenade his girlfriend outside of her window to demonstrate his love,” Cantor shared.  “I always dreamed of that happening to me.”

Even though Cantor described her reaction as “shocked and speechless,” she still just thought it was an incredibly sweet anniversary gift. 

“I was already teary eyed when suddenly I see my fiancé on his knee in front of me and I see the Verragio box and my sparkling ring there,” Cantor said, and also admitted that she  was too overwhelmed to remember exactly what he said that night.

 “I was busy crying and seeing different flashes from guests taking pictures and trying to see what was going on,” Cantor said. “I just know I nodded my head and couldn’t stop crying.”

Although the couple is planning a wedding on July 2nd for all their friends and family, they were already married in a private ceremony on the beach in Negril, Jamaica over the holidays.

And despite the building anticipation of the prolonged proposal, Cantor couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

“I don’t think I have met one single girl who has not admired my ring, complimented my ring, or who has not asked me about my ring,” Cantor said.  “And with so much pride I let everyone know it’s a Verragio.”

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