The Royal Invitations

The date has been set for months, and although the royal family has been keep a tight lid on some of the royal wedding details, it seems the royal invitations are soon to be on their way, as the save the dates have already been sent, via fax no less. 

With the royal family showing they aren’t as out of date as people perceive them to be, it is no wonder how the actual invitations will arrive, but there are rumors swirling on a few celebrities that will get the royal invite and a few that aren’t. 

Out of the 5,000 guests that will be in attendance, only 2,000 invitations are reserved for actual family members and friends of Prince William and Kate Middleton, with the remaining 3,000 being dog-eared for politicians, public figures, and dignitaries.

And despite being a beloved British icon who has offered his services on April 29, it seems that Paul McCartney will not be receiving a golden ticket, and neither will Dame Helen Mirren, another U.K. screen legend.

Sir Elton John’s name has been bandied about, and it seems that he has indeed made the cut, and while none of these rumors have been confirmed by the royal family, it seems that John’s friendship with William’s late mother, Princess Diana was taken heavily into consideration.

During the bid to bring the next world cup to London, William worked closely with soccer star David Beckham, and coupled with the early rumors that Beckham texted William a direct text message of congratulations, made it reasonable to assume that he and his wife, Victoria Beckham were to receive and invite.  And if the news that is being leaked out of Carlton house is reliable, it seems the assumption was correct, Britain’s most famous married couple will indeed be in attendance.   

The rest of the guest list has yet to be revealed, but now that the celebrity guessing game seems to be over, and the betting books filled with Bruce Oldfield as Middleton’s dress designer, the next question that is being thrown about is William’s attire for the day; Military uniform or not?  Considering his father and grandfather before both donned their military dress for the walk down the aisle, following tradition seems a pretty safe bet.

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