No Wedding Plans for Minnillo and Lachey Just yet

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo, like most newly engaged celebrity couples, have had a lot of rumors spread about their upcoming nuptials since Lachey popped the question in November of 2010.   The most prominent being that the couple was planning on quietly exchanging wedding rings while on vacation in Italy over the holidays, they did not.

If Minnillo’s recent appearance on the Rachel Ray show was any indication, December was far too early to be making any wedding plans. 

“I always feel irresponsible, like I’m unprepared for my test at school,” she told Ray on her talk show, which airs next Monday. “We have nothing yet, except for the wedding planner.”

The pair first met in 2006 when Minnillo stared in Lachey’s music video for the song, “What’s Left of Me” an MTV VJ at the time, Minnillo reportedly admitted to having a crush on the singer in the past, and the two began dating.  Weathering a brief breakup in 2009 the couple announced they were engaged on November 4th after Lachey presented the actress with 4 carat Asscher cut diamond engagement ring,  flanked by two trapezoid side diamonds set onto a platinum band reportedly worth $125,000.

Considering the engagement ring that Jessica Simpson, Lachey’s first wife with whom he starred in the now infamous reality show “Newlyweds,” sported in 2002, then it’s safe to say that Lachey knows his engagement rings.  Simpson’s ring, which is still one of Hollywood’s most well-known pear shaped diamond ring, consisted of a 3.5 carat Pear diamond, and two smaller flanking pear shaped diamonds.     

Despite not completely knowing what she wants for her wedding, Minnillo knows what she doesn’t.

“If I let Nick plan the wedding it’ll be around some sporting event,” she told Ray, referencing her fiancé love for his home town team.  “We’ll have a big old tailgate party with Miller Light. We’ll have University of Cincinnati Bearcats running around.”

For now it seems that the couple is just happy to enjoy the engagement that was a long time coming, but despite being together for almost six years Lachey still managed to keep Minnillo a bit in the dark.

“Since we’ve been together for so long every time he asked me to do something romantic, I thought it might be the moment,” she says. “So even if I didn’t want to, he’d be like ‘Baby let’s go watch the sunset,’ I’m like, ‘okay.’ Just in case it was. Nothing. ‘Baby let’s go take a hike.’ Nothing. This went on for like a year! But I don’t think you’re ever prepared for the moment.”

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