Amethysts Hit the Scene at Auction

Fashion reports have been forecasting that a more neutral hue is on the rise with a predicted demand for Champagne colored diamonds and orange gemstones, and while the future is hard to predict, for now people would rather turn it up than tune it down it seems.

That is, if the latest sale of rough gemstones from Gemfields, one of the world’s most prominent producer of colored gems, is any indication.  In an auction held in Jaipur, India from March 10th to 14th, 34 out of 35 lots were sold for a total of $9.9 million; marking this as the second highest auction revenue for the company to date. 

This recent auction not only solidified the growing global demand for Emeralds, it also displayed the 148 percent increase in demand for quality gems since their March 2010 lower-quality auction, with prices jumping from 0.31 cents per carat to 0.77 cents, according to the National Jeweler.

Although the increasing popularity for Emeralds is not exactly new information, Gemfields also used this auction to test the waters for demand for Amethyst.  The violet variety of Quartz has been used for jewelry for centuries, dating as far back as ancient Greece and Rome, when it was worn in the believe that it would ward of intoxication. 

Up until the 18th century, in fact, Amethyst was considered one of the most valuable gemstones alongside rubies, sapphires and even diamonds, with the rarest and deepest purple Amethyst classified as “Deep Russian.”  

Zambia, where Gemfields hold 50 percent of a mine, is one of the world’s largest producers of Amethysts; reason enough for the company to invest interest in the purple gems.  Results at the early March auction were supposedly positive, leading the company to predict strong sales in the year to come.

Not surprising since the gems versatility can lead to various parings, working equally with white and gold metals while producing very different results.

The Couture 0377 from Verragio features a Round cut center diamond set onto a band adorned with smaller Round cut diamonds, and small almost hidden diamonds set inside the prong, perfect to swap out for Amethysts to add a splash of color.  As well as the small diamond bezel that sits inside of the Verragio’s Trademark crest, hidden under the band.

Venetian-5007R diamond engagement ring from Verragio

Engagement Rings by Verragio: Venetian-5007R-4

However when set into the center of the Venetian 5007R, cast in yellow gold, the results are very different and devastatingly dynamic.  Surrounded by a halo of round cut white diamonds, the shank is delicately split, with the signature lace detailing under the band.  All together the Purple pairs well with the yellow of the gold and the white diamonds adds a subtly, sparkly contrast.

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