Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, but are the Appropriate Footwear?

Undeniably, women love their shoes.  They talk about them, care for them, and occasionally share them.   However it would still take an extraordinary amount of care and concern required when purchasing the world’s most expensive shoes.

The brainchild of British designer Christopher Michael Shellis, women can now purchase a pair of sparkly, strappy heels for almost $229,000.  The costly shoes, which are made entirely of solid gold, are adorned with 2,200 diamonds for a total weight of 30 carats.

Names like Paris Hilton and Cheryl Cole, a major celebrity in the UK, have both been thrown about for representation, but despite being described as the ultimate diva’s accessory, not one pair has yet to be sold in the five month since they have hit the shelves.        

“At the moment there have been a lot of enquiries and talks, but nothing concrete just yet,” the designer told The Daily Mail.  “The shoes have created a real buzz, but there is still a long way to go. We’ve had discussions with certain people but I can’t say who.”

The price tag however, seems to have deterred the general public, but that fact hasn’t deterred Shellis, who says he created the shoes to be a work of art to wear on the foot, and offers an ‘Eternity’ guarantee with each pair, lasting 1,000 years.

Shellis says he has spent three years working on the design, and is forged by a skilled goldsmith in   temperatures of more than 1800 Fahrenheit. 

The shoes are currently part in an exhibition at the Artbox in the Mailbox, alongside other forms of art in a show being described as the most exciting exhibition outside of London.

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