Middleton’s Engagement Ring not the Only Thing Generating Interest: Wedding Preparations Underway

As the U.K revs up to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, set to take place on April 29th, the details being speculated upon are getting decidedly juicier. Rumors on everything from her dress, to the music, and even the guest list are generating internet gossip and even more bets across the pond, where we have learned they will bet on anything and everything.

Entertainment, or more specifically music, is always an important wedding reception decision, normally though couples find themselves arguing over DJ versus band, not international pop star versus Broadway legend. Producer and multiple Tony award winner, Andrew Lloyd Weber has expressed his interest in composing music for the royal wedding. At an interview hosted by Cartier, Weber told reporters that if asked, he would be honored to create something about solid love for the young couple. Composer William Mathias had the honor of composing the song “Let the people praise Thee, O God,” for the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana in 1981, but has since passed away. Having been knighted by the British crown in 1992 for his musical contributions, Webber might just have a shot.

However, Webber might have a little competition in Elton John, who has likewise expressed interest on performing during the big day, and likewise has been knighted by the British crown. While on Radio 2, John, who has played at various royal events in the past, such as the late Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, and charity concert held in her honor in 2007, told host Steve Wright that he would probably perform. Careful not to leak any information though, he followed up with a joke about playing piano outside the gates. Having been counted as friend of the late Princess Diana, Prince William’s mother, it has already been speculated that John will at least be in attendance.

And although the guest list has not been announced yet, another couple’s invite inevitability has begun to float around; David and Victoria Beckham have supposedly been added to the list. The Beckham’s are one of the country’s most prominent couple, and have reportedly gotten close to Prince William while working on London’s bid to host the 2018 Olympics. Sources even claim that David himself text William as soon as he heard news of the engagement, to which the Prince answered that invites were on the way. This is all speculation of course, since the official guest list will not be announced until sometime in February.

The betting books have been busy in England lately, as Middleton’s dress has become a hot topic, but it seems the mystery may have been solved. Paddy Powers, one of the more popular online gambling sites have been forced to suspend betting on possible gown designers when the name Bruce Oldfield flooded the bets. A spokesperson for Paddy Powers told reporters that all bets were indeed being placed for Oldfield.

“We suspended betting on November 26,” the spokesperson confirmed. “There is no point in taking bets when all the interest is in one person.”

Oldfield’s gown have been seen on fashion forward celebrities like Sienna Miller and Rihanna, and was a favorite of the late Princess Diana as well, which could be the reason for the rise in his favor. But Paddy Powers thinks there might be more.

“Sometimes this kind of betting comes from people taking an educated guess, but sometimes it is the result of a leak,” the spokesperson shared. “We were taking bets of 500 pounds or more, so it could be a leak.”

Time flies, especially when planning a wedding, and since the wedding is only five months away most people believe that there must be a designer chosen already. A palace spokesperson however, has released a statement saying that no final decisions have been made and all rumors are purely based on speculation.

According to USAToday, Middleton has garnered the most news headlines in the month of November at 547 and her fiancé Prince William trailed in second place with 378. So with all the international interest the couple has generated so far, it is likely these will not be the last details we hear about.

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