Revolutionizing a Classic: The Solitaire Engagement Ring

In 1886 Tiffany’s introduced the six-prong solitaire ring design. In 1947 the diamond company DeBeers took it one step further, pairing engagement rings with their “a diamond is forever” campaign. Today, the combination of the two, the single diamond solitaire design, is one of the most popular styles for engagement rings today.

Although the traditional solitaire style consists of a single diamond, either Round or Square cut, on a clean unadorned shank, over the years the style has modernized in different ways.

For example, the Verragio 0388 from the Couture collection does feature a single diamond center on a clean shank, however the exclusive Lumino setting, scrolling design under the band, and pave’ setting on the outside of the four prong creates a unique take on the classic solitaire.

For those who desire a little more departure from the traditional style, there is the Venetian 5001P-3. As opposed to the more recognizable Round cut center, this ring is set with a Princess or Radiant cut diamond, also featuring the Lumino setting. It has pave’ set Round cut diamonds running the length of the shank, and the signature lace detail work inside the band. The overall design creates just the right amount of sparkle without the need for side stones.

And finally, if you like the cradle that the original six-prong design creates, the Classico 0372 engagement ring from Verragio holds a Round cut diamond center in six prongs, thin enough to still display the diamond in its entirety. The Round cut diamonds that decorate the band and the signature Verragio crest under the band updates the style and takes the solitaire out of the 1800’s and sets a new standard, creates a new classic.

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