Get Boxed In: Channel Set Diamonds

Diamond settings are, more often than not, simply named for the look it is meant to invoke, like the always popular Pave’ setting named for the stone paved street-like look it is meant to achieve. And again the rule holds true for Channel setting, in which diamonds are placed into a metal channel set into the shank, where the diamonds can follow a line uninterrupted by metal prongs.

For women who prefer a more angular, or modern engagement ring, Channel setting is a good pair for square cut center diamonds like Princess or Asscher styles,  but can also create an interested look for mixing and matching more classical accents.

Verragio’s 0069P from the Classico collection features an almost geometric design that pairs a Princess cut center, put in place using the exclusive Lumino setting. The use of this setting allows the diamond to be suspended alone above a shank that is decorated with smaller Princess cut channel set side diamonds to complete the look.

However, there is softness to Round cut diamonds that can often create a more classic look. The Classico 0262P aims to combine the vintage appeal of the Round cut diamond and the slightly edgier and updated feel of channel setting, and create an interesting take on engagement rings. Much like the Classico 0069P ring, this design features a row of channel set, Princess cut diamonds that run in a vertical line down the shanks, but also has a row of round cut pave’ set diamonds on either side. And if Princess cut is your diamond style of choice, a square diamond could be added for the center; however the 0262P is designed to also accommodate a Round cut diamond center to ensure that every customer can obtain their optimal look.

When used in the design of a wedding band, Channel set diamonds can add extra flair in an unobtrusive yet elegant way. Katie Holmes currently sports a Platinum wedding band, adorned with Princess cut diamonds that run along the length, which she received from her husband, Tom Cruise, when they married in a fairytale-like Italian wedding. The couple told reporters that they chose the wedding band because it was a simple design that could be worn with the more elaborate style of engagement ring Holmes already wore.

Often couples choose a less ornate style of wedding band to be paired with their diamond engagement ring, which when featuring a more ornate look, is an elegant but simple match. The Eterna 0279PW offers the same look that Holmes sports, and features a simple row of Princess cut diamonds that flow in a continuous line, thanks to the inlay design the Channel setting creates.

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